About Sidney, the Artist

Hello, and welcome to the world of Serena Collections!
I have always loved jewelry and art, and while in high school, I took my first classes in jewelry making, learning how to solder and hammer metal. But it wasn’t until my enrollment at North Bennet St. School in Boston, that I received intense training in all areas of jewelry making and repair.
While in training, I worked as a bench jeweler at Barmakian Brothers, (Boston), and The Goldsmith, Copley Place Boston. Upon graduation, I joined John Lewis, a renowned silversmith in Boston, and continued to hone my craft through casting metal and using hammers for forging metal.
Later, I earned a degree in Arts and Science at Newbury College in Brookline Massachusetts. I learned about art history, the execution of floor plans and drafting, color schemes, and fabric selections. The college experience enhanced my sense of design and sparked an interest in painting. I currently paint hearts in all colors and sizes!
My main artistic inspiration has always been nature. The shapes and colors in nature for me are the starting point for everything else. My design ethic is one of whimsy, and full of color. I find inspiration in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Victoria Magazine, Bazaar, and Pantone, following design trends, as they trickle down to everything else, including jewelry and interiors. I am especially inspired by  1980’s design with its bright colors and glitz and glam.
My brain is always working out my next project whether it be a pair of earrings or a painting. Color and line dictate my creative process. I never draw anything, I just work as I go. My need to create is vast and I’m not happy unless I’m making something! Resin work, including resin jewelry, as well as photography, are also a part of my world of art, as I am self taught with instructional online videos. I continue to refine my world of art, always looking artistically to the future.
I now have studios in both the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in sunny Florida!

Studios in Florida and New Hampshire

I love and am inspired by the beauty of Florida with it's gorgeous sunsets, tropical flowers and bright colors!


New Hampshire has long been in my heart and my creative spirit with it's inspiring Mountains,  lakes, streams and wildlife!



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